Subsequent LEYTE operation.

(Continuing the Seay summaries.)

At 1600, 28 November 1944, departed SEEADLEY HARBOR, MANUS ISLAND with units of Task Unit 77.1.5 for LEYTE GULF. Arrived there at 0335, 2 December 1944.

From 2 December to 19 December this ship did various duties including screening heavy unites in Leyte Gulf, escorting a resupply echelon in Surigao Strait, and patrolling various picket stations which at the time were suffering heavy enemy air attacks.

On the 5th. of December at 1430, in accordance with verbal orders from CDS 56, we proceeded at thirty knots to the point twenty miles southeast of DINICAT to rendezvous with Task Unit 76.4.7 which had been under air attack all morning by torpedo planes from MINDANAO. No air cover had been provided. One “Kate” made an attack on the opposite side of the convoy but was driven off by gunfire. On 6 December in Leyte Gulf the ship received eighteen men from USA FS 145. These men had been badly burned in enemy suicide air attack on the SS MARCUS DALY on the 5th. They were given medical air and later transferred to the USS HOPE. Two men died on board before transfer was effected.

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