As far as I know the latest reunion was held in 2007, though there may have been one later on. If so, I would appreciate information and photos to include on this site. Aging, declining health and death of crew members have prevented any subsequent reunions. However, as you can see from the list below, the association was very active in the past.

Year Place Host
1st 1980 Virginia Beach, VA ?? No minutes
2nd 1982 Atlantic City, NJ Tom Carroll & Lloyd Towner (no minutes)
3rd 1983 Jacksonville Beach, FL Floyd Greer
4th 1984 Charleston, SC John Radford
5th 1985 Norfolk, VA Adrian Barwick & Art Landon
6th 1986 San Diego, CA Angelo Guerrero (no minutes)
7th 1987 Savannah, GA John Radford & Everette Owens
8th 1988 Nashville, TN Burnell Lindberg
9th 1989 Lake Placid Frenchy Latour
10th 1990 Jacksonville Beach, FL Everette Owens
11th 1991 Baton Rouge, LA Burnell Lindberg
12th 1992 Fall River, MA Doyle Wilson
13th 1993 Dallas, TX Bob Welch
14th 1994 Omaha, NE Joe Veylupek
15th 1995 Kill Devil Hills, NC Bill Grant
16th 1996 Annapolis, MD Bill Glidden & Bob Grenier
17th 1997 S. Portland, ME Dan DeRoch
18th 1998 San Antonio, TX Bob Welch
19th 1999 San Diego, CA Angelo Guerrero
20th 2000 Baton Rouge, LA Burnell Lindberg
21st 2001 Boston, MA Mona C. DeRoch & assistant
22nd 2002 Seattle, WA Bob LaPlant
23rd 2003 Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX Bob & Peggy Welch
24th 2004 Rockford, IL Burnell & Audrey  Lindberg
25th 2005 Philadelphia, PA Anne Marie Nalence with Edward & Josie
26th 2006 Arlington, VA Bob Grenier and Andi Guard
27th 2007 Portland, Maine Dan & Mona DeRoch
Pete & Shirley High
28th 2008 ???