Reunion 2001

The following report of the reunion was filed on our original web site. Sadly, I have no pictures to include.

This year the reunion was in Boston from May 30 to June 3 hosted by Mona DeRoch with Dan as supernumerary. The reunion was held at The Constitution Inn at the Armed Services YMCA.  The events were well planned  and everyone had a great time. A couple of attendees had medical problems.

Both  Patrick Boyer and Philip Seay, grandsons of Captains High and Seay respectively, were at the reunion and have replied, sending their thanks for a great time:

Letter from Philip Seay

24 June 2001
Dear Dan and Mona,

Thank you again for all of the hospitality you showed me during the Boston Reunion. I apologize for being late with this thank-you note. I’ve relayed details of my time there to my dad. He regrets not having come along, and especially enjoyed hearing that he had met at least one of the Bryant crew members (Mr. Brown) years ago as a child. He also says that he knew one of the Bryant crew members well — Ted Sprague and wants to know if Mr. Sprague is still alive. I remember hearing that name mentioned at the reunion, but don’t remember whether I heard it spoken in the present or the past tense so I couldn’t tell him much.

I have yet to start work on my model. Unfortunately, I seem to have misplaced a book of mine (The Destroyer, The Sullivans by Al Ross) that contains extensive schematics of teh exterior square bridge Fletcher-class destroyer, a book that I will need in order to start my project. I have all but torn up my place in Sausalito and my mother’s house in Berkeley for the past three weeks looking for it. I did not want to order another copy of it as it is out-of-print and was very expensive and difficult to find, but have bitten the bullet and done so anyway.

Thanks to Patrick’s suggestion, I caught the news broadcast of the reunion on the banquet night. Part of the broadcast featured that 1945 photo of my grandfather and the rest of the Bryant’s crew posed in front of the ship. As the camera panned across the image, they cut to a different shot just as the center of the image (where my grandfather was sitting) was about to come into view. Moments later, they showed a shot just before Captain High would have come into view. I laughed so hard I almost fell out of bed – both Patrick and I were cheated out of our grandfathers’ posthumous 15 minutes of fame. Still, I was glad that you, Dan, and Mr. Kreuger were able to speak.

Thanks to your group, I received an email two days ago from my cousin, Tom Pearlman. He says he contacted you in search of information about my grandfather and his ship and you gave him my contact information. I only met Tom once, at a family gathering 20 years ago, but I remember him clearly and his email was certainly welcome.

I’m glad to hear that Mr. Glidden is recovering but sorry to hear that the prognosis for Mrs. Grenier is so ambiguous. I’ve been in contact with Mr. Grenier via email and his help should serve well on my project.

Hope to see you next year with shipmodel in hand.


Phillip Seay

E-Mail from Patrick Boyer

Subject:   Reunion
Date:       Tue, 3 Jul 2001 11:24:14 -0400

Greetings, Dan!  I hope this note finds you & Mona doing quite well. I am ashamed that I haven’t sent a thank you to you sooner.  However, I have bragged & bragged to my family & friends about the experience we shared with
you & all your shipmates in Boston.  I wrote a fairly detailed account of our weekend & sent it to my brother, my parents, my sister & my uncle (Paul High, Jr.)  I have expressed to them the sheer pleasure & enjoyment Jaime & I experienced at this reunion.  You people are really special & certainly a LOT of fun!!  It was something I hope I can experience again.  It really
makes me proud to know the kind of people my Grandfather served with while defending our country.

I hope someone else in my family can share the kindness, hospitality and comradery you all so graciously showed Jaime and me.  I certainly don’t want to crash your party or invite myself or anyone else in my family, but what you all do is wonderful – it seems like it should be shared with others who are linked (even if distantly) to the legacy of the USS Bryant & her crew.
That trip is definitely one of the best trips I have ever taken!

I hope you & Mona have a wonderful 4th of July holiday.  I know I will!  I always do enjoy this holiday, but because of your reunion, it now means A WHOLE LOT more to me than it used to!

Take care of yourselves & let’s keep in touch.

Patrick R. Boyer