Captain Seay Summary (cont’d)

Battle_of_Peleliu_mapContinuing with Capt Seay’s Summaries of the Bryant’s participation in battles.

Amphibious assault and underwater demolition team support on PELILIU during PALAU operations from 6 September to 29 September.

In this operation the primary work carried on was that of covering the underwater demolition teams, delivering call fire, and night harassing fire. On the three days preceding the landing of 16 September this ship closed to less than two thousands yards from the beach to deliver fire in support of the underwater demolition teams. Very effective results were observed both from 5 inch and 40 millimeter fire. Our shore fire control party sent back numerous messages of congratulations for the outstanding work our ship was doing.

Air bursts were being effectively placed at 20 feet and were observed to be causing extensive damage to the enemy troop concentrations. On the day of invasion our battery again caused the enemy much damage. One enemy mortar battery was definitely destroyed, and two tanks were taken under fire, one of which was destroyed and the other left burning. White phosphorous projectiles were found to be extremely effective in covering an area so that the enemy could not effectively utilize the weapons at hand. On 20 September, this ship departed in company with the USS DENVER AND USS ROSS for ULITHI atoll in accordance with Task Force 32 Op-Plan 268-44. Night harassing fire was rendered on 21 September to prevent any troop movements. Slow and deliberated fire was delivered the following day in support of the underwater demolition team. Although no enemy opposition was encountered, it is noteworthy that fire was so well controlled that only one of the natives was killed in the two days of bombardment and night harassing fire. Special care was taken to keep all fire clear of native villages. The ship was operating in heavily mined waters during the entire time at ULITHI atoll.

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