The Bryant Plaque

Plaque memorializing Bryant crew.

Plaque memorializing Bryant crew.

Attached to the USS Bryant while it was in mothballs was the plaque shown here. Some of the crew members have wondered what became of this plaque, since the ship was destroyed for scrap. If anyone knows, please contact us so we can let these and other crew members and family know.

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  1. Jim Burke says:

    I am James A Burke’s son. I would like to get more detail on the kamakasi attack of 4/16/1945. Dozens of crew members died that day.If someone could also let me know what the “FC3/c” rank meant that would be great.

    Larry, thanks for your service!

    Jim Burke

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for your comment. FC3/c stands for “fire controlman third class” a navy rating that signifies his specialty. He was a specialist in operating and maintaining the fire control equipment aboard ship. At that time that included analog computers that directed the guns. Now days it would be digital computers.
    If you look at the crew listing page you would see that 36 members of the Bryant crew died that day.

  3. James Dale Hanson says:

    I am Lt. Dale Hanson’s son. I know David Sears wrote some information related to the Bryant in his book “At War with the Wind”. He interviewed my Dad. I also have an audio recording of my Dad speaking of their missions. The best account of the Bryant’s activities is probably a secret log kept by the ship’s doctor. Unfortunately, my dad loaned it to someone and never got it back. It had a daily account for several years of their activities. If anyone has a copy, I would love to get one.

  4. admin says:

    Great to hear from you. If you go to the History page and look under Bryant Memoirs you will be able to download a copy of the doctor’s (Lt Jackson Allgood) secret log. I have edited it, mostly by adding some figures and mapps from other records. I am also editing another set of memoirs by a different officer.

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