USS Bryant Log Entry Jan 1, 1944

On the 21 day of May,
        It was a bright spring day
The hulk of the Bryant
        Slid down the slick way;
And since then o'er and o'er--
        Moored as before - Moored as before.

On the Fourth of December,
        Bay Street Clubbers remember,
Ship Bryant was commissioned
        Dog Dog Six Six Five the number,
Thus beginning the bore -
        Moored as before - Moored as before.

Now finding us at the New Year
        All snug in cold weather gear,
Basking in Charleston hospitality.
        Limey and Frog ships are here
Oh for the end of this bore -
        Moored as before - Moored as before.

While we are fitting out,
        OpNav orders us about.
All services from the dock
        Inberth Dog six no doubt.
Wish you a Happy New Yore*
        Moored as before - Moored as before.
P.S. SOPA in Menges.

                                    R. L. Gilbert
                                       Lt. (jg) USNR

The USS Bryant Association was made up of former crew members of the destroyer and was a very active organization, having annual reunions at various venues across the country. As the shipmates aged their families were brought into the Association and attended the reunions. Because World War II veterans are aging it is not known how many members of the association still survive and they have not had a reunion in a number of years.

The former website that was hosted at the Winslow Supply site by Dan DeRoch is no longer active, so this one by the same webmaster is to take its place. I hope you enjoy it and stay in touch. We would love to hear from family members and friends of the Bryant.

Namesake: Rear Admiral Samuel W. Bryant
Laid down: 30 December 1942
Launched: 29 May 1943
Commissioned: 4 December 1943
Decommissioned: 15 January 1947
Struck: 30 June 1968
Fate: Scrapped, July 1976
2,050 tons (2,924 tons full load).
376 feet  5 inches
39 feet  7 inches
17 feet  9 inches
Four Babcock & Wilcox boilers; 2-shaft  G.E.C.  geared  turbines.
60,000 shp for 35 knots.
492 tons
6,500 nautical miles at 15 knots.
Five 5/38s; five twin mount 40mm; six 20mm
Ten 21 inch
329 officers and men